William Hill Home

William Hill Home.

William Hill recognise the importance of good and effective communication among their valuable staff and invested in further development of their new internal intranet, which would enable staff to communicate directly. Not only this newly adapted online facility excites the staff and encourages team morale, but it also provides up-to-date information throughout the whole business.

Website development.

The functional specification of the web project was detailed and complex – collaboration was a key factor to ensure the new system would meet all requirements. That involved lots of brainstorming sessions, and of course lots of coffee!

With so many aspects to consider, the William Hill HOME website required hours of strategic planning, designing, development and most importantly ensuring a two-way engagement for consistency. Testing was a crucial part throughout the project.

What others say.

“Sohrab’s strategic input and advice was first class. He delivered to very high standards and went the extra mile throughout the whole project. It was a pleasure working with him and I would strongly recommend him for digital communications projects.”David de Menezes, PR and Communications Consultant
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The Design.

The infamous William Hill brand identity was integrated into our designs process from the very start, and it was essential to create a site that both parties would be delighted with.


On the first concept presentation to William Hill, they were pleased to see that our designs portrayed simplicity and elegance, with rich functional features – few tweaks were made, and the new online presence came to light.

The final sprint.

To ensure that high spec of functionalities were achieved and that the site would be secure against penetration, defacement; a lot of testing was required prior to launch.

The Results.

Futora Communications delivered a website which hosted all the functional and design requirements to meet up with our client’s expectations. A delighted William Hill gave amazing reviews and feedback on the final product!