Strategic Communications.

Delivering effective business solutions that drive you forward.

Futora Communications is a communications, web development and GDPR consultancy, led by Sohrab Goodar, providing research-led services by taking complex problems and turning them into simple and effective solutions.

Who we are

Our Services

  • Strategic Communications.

    We provide strategic solutions by carrying out research on best practices within your industry including content planning, devising visual campaigns and infographics to convey simple yet powerful messages.

  • Websites & Branding.

    We provide strategic advice, brand development and we deliver fully functional websites, including e-commerce and support provision. We take the time to fully understand each project we undertake to help our clients with their online goals.

  • The EU GDPR.

    We advise and help our client understand the importance of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, the risks involved and help devise a remediation plan. This include providing advisory support to ensure GDPR sustainability and compliance.

  • Social Media.

    We create effective and powerful social media campaigns and provide detailed intelligence for our clients. With a wealth of experience, we can help devise your social media content and engagement strategy with a tailored approach.

  • Research & Analysis.

    We work closely with our clients to carry out Industry research and analysis in various aspects, which will help them achieve their business goals. Our scope of work includes social media monitoring and listening.

  • Support.

    In this current dynamic business environment, your digital presence and IT infrastructure will either help or hinder your business efficiency. We can help you implement web and IT solutions and provide on-going system management services.

Our Clients.

Wanda says.

“Sohrab delivers effective digital solutions and along with his hands-on approach, he mixes a high level of creativity with a high level of dedication and passion. The results have been impressive and it was an absolute pleasure working with him. The quality of the service he provided was beyond our expectations and I would highly recommend him.”Wanda Goldwag - Chair and Independent Standards Commissioner